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When we started bloorwestSmiles in West Toronto we set high standards for our general dentistry practice and we believe we have achieved them.


Having served our Etobicoke and Bloor West community for well over 23 years, our bloorwestSmiles patients have become part of our dental family. Our primary goal is for our patients to achieve exceptional dental health along with a beautiful smile. We are so thankful for the trust and commitment our patients have given us throughout the years and would like to share their experiences and thoughts with you.

I am very pleased with my new appearance and I seem to be smiling a lot more. I have had many comments from friends, family and total strangers and all have been positive and complimentary. You and your staff displayed the utmost professionalism in the smile enhancement you achieved for me. I am very well satisfied with the results and always feel like you and your staff bend over backwards to make your patients comfortable and satisfied. Thank you Dr. Kostirko!
Maggie K

My front teeth look amazing. After some major dental work a few years ago, now all I do is have my teeth cleaned and checked regularly and touch up my smile with teeth whitening . They are perfect and I love smiling and showing off my teeth with confidence. I am a patient for life!
Louise D.

As a new immigrant to this country over 40 years ago, I regret to say that most of my young adult life I neglected the care of my teeth. When I first became Dr. Kostirko's patient 18 years ago , I had missing teeth and bad gums. With his caring way he explained to me what my treatment options were. Without a lie, I still have the original bridges Dr. Kostirko made for me over 17 years ago . Thank you Dr. K. for all your help over the years - you really saved my teeth.
Anna Maria DeCiantis

As a baby boomer I have had my share of dental challenges (extractions/surgery, root canals, and crowns) and I am not looking for more. I'm not getting any younger, these things are not easy to deal with for anyone. I've always had good teeth as a kid, but in later life, in my late teens and early adulthood, I began to take it for granted, big mistake. I've learned the hard way that good personal regular dental care/habits (I hate flossing) and being in the hands of a great dentist is the best medicine. Fortunately, I have Dr. Kostirko and his staff on my dental health team now and feel confident about my future dental well-being. I only wish I had them sooner, I would have avoided lots of problems, that's for sure.

Perhaps a quick story and an actual case history will speak about my confidence in Dr. Kostirko's work and my trust in him and his dedicated team. Recently, I cracked a molar. Dr. Kostirko did a preliminary examination and referred me to a specialist. The "specialist" spent 5 minutes with me, charged me close to $200 to tell me the tooth had to go. Not good! I then went to another dentist to have the extraction completed. At this dentists office, I panicked when they started talking about extracting the wrong tooth (I know my tooth reference numbers). I called Dr. Kostirko immediately from the chair as they were prepping me. He spoke to the dentist, and then told me to leave, which I did very quickly! Dr. Kostirko reviewed the opinion of the specialist, decided he could save the molar, which he then did.....and man am I thankful, or rather, grateful. This is not the first time Dr. Kostirko has challenged the work of other dentists, to my benefit.

We have great dental care in Canada. There are many good dentists and dental professionals, some are average, few are great, that is life. Average and good don't cut it my books, I want the best in Toronto, and the best is Dr. Kostirko. I have had at least 10 dentists treat me over the years so I can compare. Save yourself the trouble! Dr. Kostirko has high standards of himself and his staff, this means he goes above and beyond what other dentists can and may do. As a College teacher and tennis coach with over 20 years of experience, I also have high standards (like Alex, a perfectionist, not a bad thing when it comes to your precious teeth) and appreciate and recognize exceptional talent. I encourage you to do the same. I have left my contact details with his office and will be happy to speak to anyone about my experience.
Peter Burgess, Toronto (May, 2012)

I first came to Dr. Kostirko not for myself, but for my 4 year old son. I was referred to him by a neighbour who told me he has a great reputation treating children. I saw first hand how comfortable he made my son feel and was able to perform dental treatment on him that my previous dentist did not have the patience to do.
Kathy K.

We've been going to Dr. Kostirko for well over a decade and the service cannot be higher, experience better and care more high quality. Great staff and they always have the patient in mind.
Chris A.

Finally I found an experienced dentist that cares and really helps people.. The staff they are wonderful and I'm very happy and thankful to Dr. Kostirko.
Roman D.

Dr. Kostirko did an excellent job with my filling - very gentle. He is always very professional in dealing with all my dental needs. He always does a great job!
Irene K.

Dr. Kostirko and his staff are the best dentist experience I've ever had. They are experienced, professional, and also fun to visit. I actually look forward to getting my teeth check-ups.
Tony C.

My husband and I have been going to Dr. Kostirko's office for over ten years and we are very pleased with the professionalism and expertise of his office. Our two sons have been going here since a very young age and have always felt welcome, comfortable and at ease about their visits. The friendly and accommodating staff mixed with the knowledgeable dental team makes for a perfect practice!
Larissa M.

My husband, children and I have been with Dr. Kostirko and his team of Hygienists and Administrative staff for well over a Decade. I have every confidence in saying that over 12 yrs ago, our search for a Dentist who could accommodate our family and take care of our dental needs was short lived.

Upon arrival into the office for the first time I was greeted by warm and friendly staff who served me, by answering my many questions about operations of the clinic.

Having four young children at that time, they were pleasantly engaged in quiet play in a corner of the waiting room set-up especially for mindful children with child size furnishing, books and a few activities for them to be engaged in a while awaiting their turn for Dr. Kostirko or Hygienist.

I found Dr. Kostirko very considerate of the needs and concerns of my family and myself and always very thorough in his procedures and taking great care in our well-being. As a parent, it is comforting to know that over the many years Dr. Kostirko has become acquainted with all our children and is knowledgeable of their dental history.

Our family has since grown-up into teens and young adults and our lives have become more complex. One thing is for certain, and I'm glad to say, we all consider Dr. Kostirko and staff, our Family Dentist.
Sincerely, Susan Santiago and family

I have been a patient since 1999. Dr. Kostirko and his staff tend to my regular and emergency dental needs as well as those of my family (including my mother, sister, nephew, husband and son). He and his team are courteous, professional and, most importantly, excellent at what they do! They are respectful of their patients' time and provide high quality service. I have recommended them to many friends and colleagues. Thanks!
Gloria Hall

As new residents of the GTA our family have been fortunate to secure the professional services of Dr. Kostirko and his team. Prior to our experience with Dr. Kostirko there was much anxiety surrounding a dental visit. This concern has been put to rest with the Kostirko team's patient, calm and sensitive approach. A special thank you also goes out for giving our daughter's beautiful smile back. The work you did was truly amazing.
Jerry, Lisa, Kaitlyn and Sarah Roberts

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