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The Scotiabank Arena

The Scotiabank Arena

The Scotiabank Arena was previously known as the Air Canada Centre. It is owned by Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment and 665,000 square foot. This arena is located in downtown Toronto and used for a variety of events. These events range from sports to entertainment. The Scotiabank arena is a highly recommended venue with more than 40 industry awards.

Air Canada Centre

The Scotiabank arena is easy to find with its location being the heart of Toronto. It is based near the CN tower which is a well-known attraction (and hard to miss). This location means you can choose from a variety of transportation to get to this venue. You may want to make the most of your trip and spend the day nearby before your event starts. You will have plenty of options to keep you busy from restaurants to local attractions.

What You Can Do at the Scotiabank Arena

If you want to stick to one location you will find everything you need in the Scotiabank arena. Food and beverages such as various concession stands, restaurants and kiosks are available. Why not enjoy a beverage or two from the in-house brewery to add to your experience.

The arena is accessible to anyone who wishes to attend an event there. It benefits from fixed seating for disabled customers and their companions. Additionally, all washrooms and services such as food and beverage counters accommodate wheelchairs. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t attend your favorite events.

If you have a game you want to see, or a concert you’re itching to attend then look out for them at the Scotiabank arena. You’ll be sure to have an amazing experience with an atmosphere you won’t forget. Choose from a variety of seats to match your budget, there’s no need to miss out. If you want information about what’s on then head over to their website to find everything you need to know.

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